Fertility CounsellingSo you’re ready to have a family and you’re finding it’s not as easy to fall pregnant as you thought it was! You are probably seeking support from your Doctor, a Naturopath, or a TCM practitioner (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or perhaps now you are opting to go down the IVF path.

You’re on an emotional roller coaster and your thoughts about wanting a baby are all-consuming and overwhelming. Even when you see or hear of a pregnancy, all sorts of emotions come to the forefront of your mind, some that you may have never experienced before.

How can Jen help?

At this time, you may need extra emotional support which you can find through fertility coaching. I am here to listen to all of your hopes, dreams and your fears about bringing a baby into the world, whether it is natural, through IVF, egg donor, adoption or opting not to have children, whether the choice is yours or not.

This is emotionally responsible, empowering and healthy and possibly less burdensome for you, your family and friends to listen to and make judgement on. You will be listened to and supported in a safe, confidential and nurturing place to express yourself openly and honestly.

When can fertility coaching be helpful?

Once you have commenced your fertility program, you may become consumed by the constant monitoring of your blood tests, temperature charts and ovulation status. I guarantee that eventually your partner/husband won’t want to hear about these intricate details – it can really take away the fun and spontaneity out of sex and become too mechanical.

This can make the whole baby making practice stressful for both partners, and we know how stress affects both male and female fertility. Yes I understand that you both want to be well informed about the whole process; however there just may be times when the conversation can be saved for your emotional support team.

You will look after your physical wellbeing before, during and after pregnancy, however you may tend to neglect your emotional wellbeing at this time.

Why is it important to care for my emotional wellbeing during this time?

Taking good care of your emotional wellbeing can help you:

  • Maintain healthy stress levels
  • Keep hormone levels balanced
  • Feel supported and safe
  • Feel healthy, empowered and unburdened

Sometimes there may even be deeply embedded family patterns or genetic family history that may not have been discussed or even thought about, that can subconsciously affect the body. I follow the works of Niravi B. Payne M.S who wrote the Language of Fertility, a revolutionary Mind-Body Program for Conscious Conception.