Entering into counselling and coaching can support you on your quest for self knowledge, understanding, acceptance and empowerment, so you can create your best life.

You’re probably asking, well how do I find out more about myself and accept myself for who I am? It’s really about investing the time and love for yourself to find out more about WHO YOU TRULY ARE and what makes you tick! I bet you can tell me what you don’t like about yourself!

You will be inspired and gently navigated to discover different aspects of yourself and how they work with and against you; which part is more prominent, which part is in the background and needs to be brought forward, which part needs to step aside and how they can all work together. As part of the self knowledge quest, you will be encouraged to negotiate the needs of these different parts of YOU. An example might be you have a very dominant responsible part of you that gets in the way of the fun and creative aspect of yourself; or what about the procrastinator or the abandoned child! Once you get these parts working together, you will discover self acceptance which in turn leads to self empowerment which then flows into creating your best life.

Complimentary healing techniques will be brought into the consultation, depending on your needs and wants e.g. astrology, guided visualisations, card reading, basic art therapy and other techniques to explore your value system. Using these techniques seems to deepen the emotional exploration and may identify concerns rather quickly.

We all have the knowledge within ourselves to transform our lives; however we are sometimes blocked, unskilled, or we simply don’t trust our own ability to work through the emotional challenges life can bring and that’s where you will be supported to bring more clarity into the picture.

You will be listened to and your feelings explored and acknowledged in a gentle, safe and non-judgemental environment. Understanding and recognition will be offered to what you may unconsciously sabotage such as relationship or repeating poor life choices. Together, we will unblock negative thought and behavioural patterns, find answers, and work on solutions, so you can create your best life.