How Jen can help you..

The reason you’re here, well perhaps you’re at a crossroads in your life. There could be multiple reasons or a life situation to why you’re here, so to help you, I would like to introduce my services and to explain why people seek counselling.

Why do people seek counselling?

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People come to counselling for help in resolving their problems. I have found over the years, that people who do live a fulfilling life and who are not confronted by any particular crisis, generally don’t look for counselling, BUT there are times people, even those living a satisfying life, go through troubled emotional times and this is when a person will seek the help of a professional counsellor, coach or mentor.

Most people will at some stage in their life experience a physical or emotional crisis and this is when these people will source professional guidance.

I would like to acknowledge that we all deal with ‘our stuff’ in our own unique ways. Some can resolve their troubles by thinking things through on their own or perhaps even reading self-help books. Others may talk with a partner, a family member or a friend. There are also a number of people who prefer not to talk to someone who knows them well at the risk of disclosing intimate information to someone who knows them well and possibly straining their relationship. There are also a lot of people who really don’t have anyone to talk to about their personal issues.

From my experience, the most common reasons people come to see me is about relationships issues, life changes, lack of direction, emotional distress, loss and just wanting to talk to someone neutral in the hope of finding a solution and feeling better about themselves.

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