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About Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin is Your Life Stylist (Counsellor, Coach, Astrologer) with over 15 years experience in the Natural Health and Wellness industry, bringing her counselling and life skills to people who are seeking guidance on a variety of issues.

Meet Jen
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Create your Best Life!

Jennifer is a professional, gifted, warm and friendly Life Stylist.

Her services include counselling and coaching in:

Her astrology consultations are insightful, fun inspiring and provide YOU with:

  • Knowledge in all life aspects
  • Empowerment
  • Life/Soul Purpose
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“I enjoyed working with Jen off and for 12 months, whilst I was suffering reactive depression due to major life circumstances. Though Jen and I were in different states, we set up a routine for sessions via Skype, which were as if she and I were sitting together in the same room. I was so pleased that distance was of no hindrance to establishing the client and counsellor relationship. Jen’s kindness and patience certainly transferred through the Skype screen, and her energy and focus was able to sustain me through our sessions, sometimes up to 1.5 hours at a time.
I enjoyed working with Jen for many reasons. I found her to be an active listener and a calm, steady voice of reason. She was able to help me tell my story, acknowledge it, process it and to then find within me the shift I needed to then put it down.
I highly recommend Jen. She is compassionate and wise; sensible and soft; and very much wishing to be of practical service to her clients.”
Sarah Foster, Melbourne
“I have worked with Jennifer Martin for 10 years and in the field of Reproductive Medicine there is a huge call for coaching / counselling that does not currently exist. The psychogenic factors that impede both male and female fertility issues are now widely and scientifically known. The stressors that are precursors to inflammatory conditions are often left unaddressed by both Drs and patients. Having access to a Fertility counsellor such as Jennifer is such an asset to any practitioner working in this field. She is able to facilitate the patient to the real issues the real fears and the real emotional blocks – in a safe and nurturing environment. I have seen my patients come alive, relax and go forward on the fertility journey with a sense of self that goes beyond biomedical markers. Jennifer is great ! She takes patients to the places that may scare them and gently guides them through.”
Melanie Alexander, M.Sc.TCM, B.Sc.Ac, Fertility Specialist
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